Why bachelors mustn’t eat spinsters’ food after Ramadan – Cleric

Why bachelors mustn't eat spinsters' food after Ramadan - Cleric

The Secretary-General, League of Imams and Alfas, Sheikh Tajudeen Adewunmi, has stated that unmarried men must not eat from spinster after fasting.

According to The PUNCH, he stated this during an interview with newsmen while giving the dos and don’t during and after Ramadan.

When asked, “for unmarried men and women who are still dating, who should cook for each other after breaking of fast?”, he stated, “Alhamdulillah; dating is a period of getting right all that should be put in place for a life of togetherness in matrimony for the rest of one’s life. Closeness at this stage has got to be managed with some strict discipline.

“The devil is everywhere and ready to influence thoughts and actions. For would-be husband and wife, where will they be if and when they have to cook for each other? Not until the aqdun nikkah is done, the man is not entitled to the lady and closeness while alone is a fertile ground for devil’s push towards premarital prohibitions.”

He also explained that a married man can get intimate with his wife after fast.

“Yes, a husband can access his wife after breaking his fast and outside the period of fasting. The pristine legislation approves of this Q2:187”, he added.