Wheelchair: Pope Francis admits shame after ‘physical humiliation’ caused by knee injury

Wheelchair: Pope Francis admits shame after 'physical humiliation' caused by knee injury



Head of the Vatican City, Pope Francis, has revealed that he was a bit ashamed when he started using a wheelchair to move around.

Pope Francis was confined to a wheelchair in May 2022 after have a successful treatment for a knee pain.

In an interview with conducted by Paolo Rodari for Italian Swiss Radio and Television, the when asked, “Did it weigh on you to ride in a wheelchair?

“I was a bit ashamed”, he replied.

“I am old. I have less physical endurance, the knee injury was a physical humiliation, although it is healing well now,” he added.

Also when asked what he would say if he were to meet Russian President, Vladimir Putin, regarding the Russian/Ukraine war, he said, “I would speak to him as clearly as I speak in public. He is an educated man.

“On the second day of the war I went to the Russian embassy at the Holy See to say that I was willing to go to Moscow if Putin would give me a window to negotiate. Lavrov wrote to me saying thank you but now is not the time.

“Putin knows I am available. But there are imperial interests there, not only of the Russian empire, but of empires elsewhere. It is typical of the empire to put nations in second place.”

Religion Nigeria reported that Pope Francis on Friday marked the 10 years of his reign as the head of the Catholic Church.