Ukraine-based Nigerian pastor Adelaja endorses Tinubu

Ukraine-based Nigerian pastor Adelaja endorses Tinubu

The founder Of The Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for all Nations, Kyiv, Ukraine, Sunday Adelaja, has endorsed All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Adelaja listed 10 reasons why he believes Tinubu who on Sunday named Kashim Shettima as his running mate, will emerge Nigeria’s president after the 2023 presidential election.

“Tinubu is a man of vision (and) a raiser of men,” Adelaja said in the lengthy Facebook post shared with his followers on Monday.

“A man who survived as the Governor of a Nigerian state without the normal monthly federal government allocations to the local government administrations of the state must truly be special.

We all know that even with the monthly allocations from Abuja, many states still fail to cope with their responsibilities. Some of them cannot even pay ordinary salaries to workers of their states, not to talk of development strides.

This is not the case with Tinubu, when Obasanjo kept the money from Abuja from him he rather thrived thanks to some incredible ingenuity in financial management.

Listen now, he not only survived, he went ahead to do something our country had not seen before or after him. He was able to increase the internal revenue generation of the state from a paltry N600 million monthly, to N51 billion today.

It is said that if Lagos was a country it’ll be number five by GDP as of 2016 thanks to its 146 billion dollar economy. As of 2016, this was bigger than the economy of Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal, Congo etc. Lagos didn’t become this successful because it gets more money from Abuja than other states, oh no, the states with the biggest allocations are in the south-south and their people still run to Lagos to survive.

“Lagos didn’t become this wealthy thanks to its natural resources like oil, gas etc, no, no, go to those states that get 13% of all our nation’s wealth and you’ll see a different story.

“Natural and material resources don’t grow wealth, it’s visionary leadership that does. This is what Tinubu brought to Lagos, and it’s what made the difference. Nigeria needs Bola Ahmed Tinubu now like never before. Friends, this is the type of man I’ll like to see manage the affairs of our beloved country,” he said.

On concerns over the health of the former lagos governor, Adelaja said, “My answer to this is simple, it comes from my own personal experience of growing old. I’m 55. The older I get the more I discover that my body can no longer do some of the acrobatic exercises I was capable of when I was much younger.

“My take is this as long as Mr. Tinubu is sharp mentally, so long as he can see clearly as a visionary we need his leadership before he leaves us to a better world. We shouldn’t waste the huge potentials and life experiences that he carries inside.

“Friends, sooner or later you and I will get old too. While our flesh and body might be challenged, we will discover that it’s a huge injustice to discard us as simply being too old, while we know we still have something to offer. It’s not the body that rules a nation, it’s the clarity of vision. If Tinubu has that, there will be enough of able bodied men and women who’ll gladly put their bodies to work to bring the vision to pass.”

He added, “As things are now only death can stop the emergence of Bola Ahmed Tinubu as Nigerian sixteenth President. If I were in the camp of Tinubu I’ll not rule out an attempt on his life by the forces bent on not letting his presidency become a reality. It’s not enough to pray for him, I will strongly advise that his security be beefed up accordingly. Nigeria cannot afford to have a repeat of the destiny of Moshood Abiola.”