Reactions as pastor prays God blesses men with more wives

Reactions as pastor prays God blesses men with more wives

By Christian George

A renowned Botswana polygamist pastor has asked God to reward hardworking Nigerian men with another wife.

The cleric who has tasted polygamy believes that the reward for a hardworking man, especially, Nigerian is to be blessed with another wife if he had already had one.

In a post that is sparking wild fire on social media, tweeps have trooped in to air their views about the pastor’s prayer.

While some men jubilate and concur to the request, others frown as well as question the cleric on his motive for such prayer.

Here are some tweeps reactions to the cleric’s prayer:

efosajnr replied, “AMEN🙏”

sirdollar wrote: “When has the reward for a hardworking man become adding a second wife? 😂😂😂what happened to him becoming more successful?”

ksolo_hitz said, “Some pastors sha which kind prayer be this?😂😂

nelligolibe: “If you want to be a traditionalist and polygamous be it. And be proud of it and make it known from onset.

” If you want to be a priest, pastor, saved, model, ruler, monogamous and true be it and dont mock it.

Like your truth. But don’t confuse thunder maka Ndi gullibe followers too. Eghu🙄🙄🙄”

ade.kemii wrote “Olosho pastor🙂”

ask.dehrine wrote: “In all these drama ehe Na my gender I pity pass. Only God knows what is going on in their home like that. If you believe social media pictures with those pecks ehn…I give it to you😂😂😂”

precious.emma5 wrote “Is this playing?”

thefoodnetworknig2 wrote, “The word pastor is used so loosely and it breaks my heart🥹”

leeemarrrrh wrote, “Sir you need like 3 more so Ameen to you.”

mcoded wrote, “African women and shege for marriage be like 5 and 6”

ladyque_1 said “And may God reward their wives with second husband”