Nigeria needs technocrats in 2023 – Kukah

Nigeria's problem irresponsible leaders, not religion - Bishop Kukah
Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, Matthew Hassan-Kukah.

The Bishop of Sokoto Diocese of the Catholic Church, Matthew Hassan-Kukah, has reiterated the need for a technocrat-led political system in 2023.

During a live interview on Channels Television on Monday, Kukah noted that the overall progress and development of the nation are currently being militated against because the nation’s political process is being managed by individuals who lack the basic knowledge and understanding of what governance is.

He said, “What we have each voting year is a pattern which zones corruption and not governance; we send many people to Abuja who have no idea about what to do in Abuja

“We have a democratic system which is only accessed by a few who deny the people the opportunity to have a say and our constitutional process has shown that it’s incapable of facilitating a proper democratic process.”

Also, Kukah explained that as long as the nation continues to prioritize the emergence of men who are not well equipped to lead its political structures, the nation will continue to move in circles with no way out.

He added, “A nation that does not give a platform for its intellects and technocrats to lead its political structures will not develop and grow.”

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