Love for God inspired me to do gospel music — Psalmos


Singer, Bolaji Dekunle-Oniyo, aka Psalmos, has said her love for God inspired her to go into gospel music.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, she said, “It was my love for God and music that inspired me to finally accept the call of becoming a gospel music minister.

“So far, my biggest achievement in life is being in Christ and doing God’s will and purpose for my life.”

Asked to name the challenges she faces in her career, the singer said, “God has been faithful to me. All I seek and desire is to have and devote more time to fellowship with God.

“The only challenge I can say I have is balancing my daily activities with my time of fellowship, as well as reaching a larger audience with the message God has given to me through music.”

On why Gospel music seems to be gaining more acceptance in the industry, she said, “It is because more people are now accepting and understanding the importance of having God in their lives, acknowledging Him and giving Him all the praise and worship He alone deserves.

“This brings people to acknowledge, listen to and need people like us in the gospel music ministry.”

Dekunle-Oniyo slao stated that she is interested in working with Shirley Ceaser, whom she described as ‘the great-grandmother of gospel music.”