Japa: Nathaniel Bassey bemoans spate of youth emigration

Japa: Nathaniel Bassey bemoans spate of youth emigration

Popular gospel minister, Nathaniel Bassey, has bemoaned the upsurge of migrating Nigerians, more frequently than before.

His concern was in fact, centered on the “skilled and specialized labour like doctors, nurses and creatives, exiting the country for what would be dubbed, ‘greener pastures.’

The clergyman went on to say that From his local assembly alone, to family members and friends, he has been praying for people leaving the country.

In his words; “The number of people relocating from Nigeria is actually STAGGERING. And I mean skilled and specialized labour. From our local assembly alone, to family members and friends. I mean, doctors, nurses, and creatives. Every other Sunday, I’m having to pray for people leaving.”

According to the gospel artist, his cousin who is a medical personnel, and wife also just got their visas recently, ready to leave the country

While migration for some, is a much needed shift, he maintained that the desperation to leave the country is just a “bandwagon effect” for others.

This development, according to Nathaniel, is a serious issue worthy of attention.

“JAPAism. This is quite a case. My cousin and wife just got their visas this morning. And He’s a medical personnel also. I hear of bankers, IT specialists, and even creatives moving out in droves.
For some, it is their Kairos and divine moment. A much needed shift. But for others, it is but a band wagon effect. What ever the case, it is quite a serious matter.”

Speaking to his 2.8million Instagram followers, the Hallelujah Challenge convener asked that “those with prophetic perspectives and other insight in this regard should comment.”

Meanwhile, a report published by the UK Home Office showed that Nigeria had the highest number of migrants to the United Kingdom in 2022.

See some comments;

@See_Emmy tweeted; “Good governance in Nigeria will reduce a lot of prayer requests. The nation’s engine, the skilled, and the middle class are leaving in droves. It’s a huge problem.”

Another Twitter user, @El_Praize01, opined; “Dear Sir,
The uncertainty in the land is what people can’t stand again. The fact that people work and get peanuts, the high cost of living, the job scarcity, even the small scale industries are not been encouraged.”

“Relocate if you are instructed by God to go, don’t join the bandwagonism so that you don’t suffer for it. Stay put at where God has placed you. And if you know travelling out is the next phase for you don’t wait it out. Go out there explore be all what God has destined you to be,” @monitos4all wrote.

@Mofiyinfolu added that, “Relocating in and of itself is not a bad thing. The question is are people hearing God on it? It seems to me like a bandwagon effect which has its root cause in FEAR.”

@nzbnnt shared his experience saying, “Someone I use to supervise her assigned task in the office suddenly resigned. Yesterday I browsed her current pictures from Aberdeen. She was gainfully employed here in Nigeria o. They don’t even give a clue when they’re hatching such stuff so that you can at least cut some soap.”

@twit2ife wrote; “The Effects of this cannot be quantified spiritually and economically. There is also a global agenda which has been enabled by our bad leadership. This looks like modern slavery and Colonization but I know that Nigeria shall Flourish again.”

@ChukwuVince stated that, “It’s actually just staggering just to say the least. Before it’s usually young graduates or lecturers migrating abroad for further further studies. But recently, I have seen Nigerians with 10-15 years of job experience in the banking, IT and health sectors japa for better future.”

@Essence212 prayed, “I pray we get it right at the 2023 elections, if not a lot of people will still leave.”

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