Days long revival sweeps through US varsity Asbury

Days long revival sweeps through US varsity Asbury
Students kneel and pray at the altar at Hughes Auditorium at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky. (Photo courtesy of The Asbury Collegian)


Hundreds of students at Asbury University in Kentucky, reportedly joined an ongoing revival program which was said to have begun on Wednesday.

According to the reports, the revival which is currently in its sixth day, evolved from a few hours Wednesday program to one which has continued to span days.

A tweep from the institution while describing the phenomenon tweeted, “What was supposed to be a regular Wednesday night chapel at Asbury University in Kentucky seems to have evolved into a mini-revival as the service literally never ended but continues up until now.”

It was also reported that students outside the academic community also thronged in to join the spiritual meeting.

Recounting her experience, another student identified as Presta told The Roys Report, stated that she had planned leaving the chapel for her 11am class , but has to return back to the chapel, when she heard the choir singing.

And I was like, ‘That’s weird. Why are they still going?’” she said. “And then I just felt the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, told me to go back upstairs. And so I did.”

As the event got more engagement, more students from neighboring communities were said to have joined, some from Michigan and South Carolina.

It was also gathered that some lecturers in the institution had their classes cancelled, and assignment postponed to afford their respective students the opportunity to participate in the service.